We are Process, a multidisciplinary design studio. We provide creative services that communicate the brand values for a diverse range of clients through problem solving, collaboration, exploration and strategy. We create brands and deliver design solutions across various channels that inspire and engage individuals and audiences.


Our process is simple, considered and pragmatic. We start by listening to the goals and objectives of our clients, in an age where everybody has something to say the ability to communicate well starts by listening. The more we can learn about your business allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the problems you’re trying to solve and what you’re trying to achieve in the long term.


We challenge the brief and question why? Our strategy and creative output is driven by in-depth research, discovery, and the ability to be self critical. Research is the cornerstone to each project and can unlock powerful insights, knowledge and data that drives a project forward, we use this information and translate it into a narrative that delivers a message and communicates a story.


Design-led solutions are integral to the way brands interact and communicate with their audiences, provide services, supply products and can change the behaviours and habits of people for good, therefore we believe that design should have longevity, purpose and meaning and this is achieved through a systematic approach of creative exploration, discussion, collaboration and iteration.


Our ideas are brought to life by utilising modern technologies, effective prototyping and rigorous testing and by selecting the correct channels to showcase these ideas resulting in intelligent design solutions that make a positive and lasting impact to your business.


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We provide design-led services that successfully build brands, tell stories and drive engagement:


Identity Design

Brand Development

Service Design

Digital Product Design

UI Design

UX Design

Motion Design

Art Direction


We work with a diverse range of businesses, organisations, startups and established brands:




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Identity Design

Brand Development

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Service Design

Digital Product Design

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